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Why Every Discerning Gentleman Needs a Suit That Fits

Every man needs a suit that fits. Here’s what you need to know.

Donald Trump humiliated his first press secretary for wearing ill-fitting suits during his daily press briefings with the world's media. The hapless Sean Spicer didn't last long at the White House — for that and many other reasons that infuriated his boss. It's a stark reminder, though, that no matter where a man is appearing in a suit in public, he needs it tailored to his shape. Anything less and he comes off looking unprofessional and uncaring about his appearance.

This is the sartorial risk you take when you dash into a menswear shop and buy the first suit you set eyes on. It may almost certainly be too large, as most people will not buy clothing that's too small, because it will feel uncomfortable to wear. And so many men who purchase suits off the rack come away with a garment that doesn't exactly suit them — it may hang off their frame and look limp and lifeless. It may also billow as he moves, due to the large amounts of excess fabric, and in the slim-fit era, that is not a look any man wants.

Perhaps some men think they might "grow into" such suits, and that they're a comfortable fit. Comfort is definitely a key factor with any item of clothing, but what you really need is a suit that fits, then you're good for any occasion and will always look the part. It will become the old reliable in your wardrobe that you can whip out and wear without worry — almost like the equivalent of a woman’s little black dress.

Fear of Getting a Tailored Suit

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Let's be honest: many men don't opt for a tailored suit because they fear the traditionally high prices that come with it. After all, a lot of work goes into making a suit just for one person and in accordance with their precise measurements. With all the other pressures on people's finances, it's understandable that pricey suits may not be at the top of the list.

Here at Empire Outlet, we know this all too well. In fact, it's the reason we started our company in the first place. Before Empire was born, we searched for quality, bespoke men’s suits, only to be unimpressed by the high prices that came with them. It was, we decided, time to suit up and make a change. So we went ahead and established a company that would provide tailor-made suits for all men, including those who may never have considered one because they were afraid of the high costs. We say every man deserves a tailor-made suit and at prices that won’t break the bank!

Having the right-fitting suit really is vitally important for any man. This is the one outfit that you’re going to wear to all of life’s events, big and small. A relatively small outlay now is going to pay off in great menswear dividends for many years to come. Plus, there’s the satisfaction of knowing that quality materials will endure and last, unlike many mass-produced garments that may be of low quality and quickly fall apart.

What You Get with a Suit That Fits

When a discerning gentleman opts for a suit that fits him, he's getting an outfit that is perfect for all the individual aspects of his body, from his height to chest and stomach size to the broadness of his shoulders. It feels great to wear and will look incredible. People will take note that this is a man of style and substance who cares about how he projects himself to the world.

Finishing touches are a great way to add individual flair to a man's suit. These can be the number and type of buttons, and where they're placed, as well as embroidering the man's name and perhaps date the suit was made to inside parts. This sets the wearer apart as a true and distinguished individual.

Every suit catastrophe has a silver lining. You can make sure yours is in your next suit that fits

With Empire Outlet’s range of custom-made, quality suits at incredibly low prices, you can now look dapper and dashing at any time — and you can order online. We'll make your next suit to your exact measurements and we have a 14-day money back guarantee. Have a look now.

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