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What the Colour of Your Suit Says about You

It turns out choosing the colour of your suit is not so black and white.

Colours evoke emotional, behavioural and physical responses. Whether we see ‘red’ with rage or feel ‘blue’ after a fight with a loved one, it’s undeniable that colours play an important role in how we feel and perceive the world. But, all too often, men neglect colour when it comes to shopping for a suit.

A colour of a man’s suit is just as important as its cut and fit. The colours you wear affect how the people around you perceive you — do you know what your fashion choices are really saying about you? If you’re resigned to the same old black suit or intimidated by the sheer range of colours of suit out there, this is for you.

In this post, we break down some of the most popular suit colours, along with what those colours project to those around you and how and when to wear them.

A Navy Blue Suit: The Colour of Understated Authority

Navy blue is the most popular suit colour and it’s with good reason. Navy blue denotes authority, dependability, and loyalty, making it a staple choice for men who want to make a serious sartorial statement. Exuding power, this commanding colour is a classic choice for business meetings, interviews and public events where you need to make an impression. This dark tone is also incredibly easy to wear and customise, so much so, that it’s almost impossible not to pull off this classic look. Adding a dash of character is easy — whether you opt for a purple tie or a red pocket square, navy is incredibly versatile and, like black and white, complements most colours, meaning you can get creative.

To stand out among a sea of navy suits and for a bold, yet professional, look, check out our classic navy barleycorn tweed three-piece. The rich navy blue is understated, but authoritative, while the high-quality tweed wool and perennial design will set you apart from everyone else in the room.

A Black Suit: To Project an Air of Formality

Every discerning gent should own a black suit. Like it’s female counterpart, the little black dress, the black suit is a fashion fail-safe for formal affairs. Black works with any skin tone and its ability to slim and contour is second to none — perfect for disguising that beer belly!

Similar to its navy blue cousin, the black suit is all about displaying authority. You know a man means business when he dons black. Unfortunately, many men underestimate its power to intimidate and impress. As the most formal of suit colours, black is well-suited to funerals, weddings and important events, but for work meetings, black can convey an undesirable arrogant vibe and come across as harsh. In this case, it’s better to opt for a blue or earthy tone.

If you want to cast an imposing or formal presence, our black Empire Elite three-piece is a perfect choice. Cut from 100% Merino wool fabric and gently milled, this suit has a soft and luxurious feel that moulds to your body and gives you a sculpted look.

A Dark Grey Suit: The Colour of Practicality

Dark grey, or charcoal, suits give off an air of maturity. It’s a colour that imparts loyalty, dependability and practicality. A younger man looking to make a professional impression in the dog-eat-dog world could do worse than opting for a dark grey suit. Arguably the most practical and versatile of suit colours, it works well for almost any event, whether a wedding, funeral, business meeting or even date night. Unlike black, a muted grey is less harsh and imposing but still evokes the same timelessness. If you’re looking to stand out and blend in, you can’t go wrong with a  grey suit.

Our dark grey pinstripe Empire Elite three-piece is a versatile and elegant choice. Made from 100% Merino wool fabric and finished with pink lining and marble-effect buttons, this suit is both practical and stylish.

A Light Grey Suit: To Look Effortlessly Casual and Cool

There are more than 50 shades of grey and each one elicits a different sartorial sensibility. The light grey suit couldn’t be more different from it’s charcoal brethren. A great alternative to the monotony of the darker tones associated with office-wear, light grey is a cool and casual must-have. You don’t have to opt for a plain, matte grey suit, either. Its lighter shade gives way to a number of patterns, such as herringbone and check.

If you’re heading to the country or indulging in a chill weekend, but still want to look sharp, opt for a grey houndstooth tweed three-piece suit. The classic pattern pays homage to tradition, while the light tone and slim fit keep you looking contemporary.

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Brown Suits: Channel a down-to-Earth Vibe

Brown is a neutral and earthy colour that creates the impression of being down to earth, stable, honest and approachable. We all know that the clothes we wear can influence the perception of others, as well as our own perception of ourselves, so donning such a colour for a business meeting is a great way to build rapport with others. Wearing this gentle hue for a date will make you look accessible and open — an ideal choice for the self-assured man who doesn’t need to project authority and is happy to go along for the ride. To get the look, check out our classic brown tweed slim-fit three-piece, which is made with exceptionally high-quality wool, and finished with a modern day slim fit and tonal buttons to make you look timeless and chic.

Red Suits: The Ultimate Colour of Passion

Red is the ultimate statement colour. Worn wrong, it can look gaudy and tacky, but worn right, a red suit will convey strength and leadership. As the colour that drives bulls wild, fittingly, red exudes power, energy and passion, and is the go-to colour for assertive, confident men. Scientific studies have even suggested that the colour red can increase heart rate — perhaps that’s why it’s become synonymous with love and seduction. While red is well suited to date nights and formal events, you won’t look out of place wearing a red suit in the office. Pair it with a darker, more toned-down hue to look more practical, formal or casual — whatever you’re going for — while standing out from the rest.

Our maroon barleycorn tweed three-piece makes a sartorial splash. Exquisitely handcrafted by our artisan tailors, the rich, deep red will help you make a statement like no other — you’ll be sure to make hearts beat faster with this one!

Green Suits: Are You Feeling Lucky?

Green is known universally as the colour of nature and exudes security, abundance and balance. Similarly, a man who wears a green suit comes across as grounded, calm and generous. However, in many cultures, green is also the colour of luck. For that all-important meeting or those occasions when you just need a bit of luck on your side, you can’t go wrong by suiting up in green.

Our olive green windowpane tweed three-piece is traditional and enduring. The olive green hue is perfect for city and country escapes alike or for when you’re feeling in touch with your softer side.

When it comes to choosing what colour suit you should wear, don’t get stuck in a rut. Browse our collection of suits and filter by colour to find the perfect tone that complements your mood and allows you to channel the qualities you want to communicate.

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