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Get the Wimbledon Look: Dos and Don’ts on Dressing for Wimbledon

The Tennis Championship is coming to Wimbledon. If you're headed to Centre Court, check out our guide of dos and don’ts for getting your look right.

Crack out the Pimms, Wimbledon is on its way. No sporting event is quite so quintessentially British. Strawberries and cream, prosecco, dapper tennis whites — Wimbledon is the most prestigious tennis event in the world and the ultimate celebration of British summer time.

Drawing celebrities, royalty and hoards of avid tennis fans, Wimbledon is the place to see and to be seen. If you’re heading down this year, follow our guide to getting that Wimbledon look.


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Don’t: Go Too Casual

Wimbledon may not have a formal dress code, but there are some unspoken rules to be aware of. Whether you have a Debenture ticket for centre court, you’ve snagged yourself a seat in the Royal box or you’re just picnicking at the peripheries, the same rules apply. The biggest one? Don’t underdress.

In 2015, Lewis Hamilton, one of the world’s most famous F1 drivers and a favourite among fans of the sport, was turned away from the royal box. His crime? Donning a floral shirt, fedora hat and grey tailored trousers — he just didn’t fill the fashion bill. Short of a tie and requisite shirt, he was resigned to the hospitality suite instead. What can we learn? Go smart: avoid jeans, collarless shirts, sportswear and flip-flops. Because, hey, if a sporting legend can’t pull it off, we most definitely can’t.

Do: Wear a Suit

When it comes to Wimbledon, a suit is your safest bet. Bradley Cooper, Prince William and Jude Law all rocked impeccably well-tailored and dapper suits at last year’s Wimbledon — and they totally nailed it. For an elegant, formal look, this Navy Empire Essential Blue 2 Piece is perfect. Exquisitely hand-crafted and finished in a modern slim fit, this suit adds a distinctive air of crispness and class, and, not to mention, looks perfect with a Pimms in hand.

For a more informal look, pair your suit with a knitted tie and sockless monk straps.

Don’t: Wear White

When considering your outfit for Wimbledon, your mind may race to crisp tennis whites. And why not? They’re elegant, classic and undoubtedly the colour of Wimbledon, but we recommend you leave the tennis whites to the professionals. Imagine being sat on Henman Hill or Murray Mound in your white linen trousers, swilling prosecco and chowing down on perfectly ripe strawberries, feeling every inch a Wimbledonian. But then, you stand up for a refill and those perfectly white trousers are covered in grass stains — trust us, it’s not a good look.

Instead, bypass the white and go daring with your colour choice. This Olive Green Windowpane Tweed 2 Piece is a bold yet classic choice. You can forget about the grass stains — and how often do you get to don a green suit?

Do: Choose Lightweight Fabrics

English weather can never be counted on. Over the years, rainy and overcast skies have provided an unimpressive backdrop to the games. But, even when the weather fails us, being sardined among the swarming crowds of excitable fans is enough to leave most of us feeling hot under the collar. Err on the side of caution and choose a light-weight suit to keep you cool through all the excitement. This Grey Blue Prince of Wales Tweed 2 Piece is blended with high-quality wool for a lightweight alternative to traditional tweed and is perfect for keeping your cool amid the chaos.

Do: Pay Homage to Tradition

Tennis is a gentleman’s sport. Invented by Londoner Walter Wingfield, it is a game as iconically British as British Bulldog. Similarly steeped in tradition and defined by its very own culture, Wimbledon is a bastion of English Heritage. So, pay homage to tradition and embrace your inner British-Gentleman.

Nothing says quintessentially British more than summer tweed. This Retro Brown Plaid Tweed 2 Piece hits the sartorial sweet spot between classic style and contemporary twist.

Do: Wear Sunglasses

All the glaring tennis whites, fluorescent balls and luminous green grass can really put a strain on the eyes. The last thing you want to do is miss out on any of the action because you’re squinting. Invest in some high-quality sunglasses, such as these Round Empire Glasses, and get that cool summer look. These sunglasses are UV400 polarized to protect your eyes and finished with 100% natural rosewood temples for an understated, yet still stylish, look.

Here’s a fun tip: forget the sun, sunglasses are also a great way of hiding those bleary eyes from way too many Pimms — bonus!

With a more relaxed dress code than other sporting events such as Royal Ascot, Wimbledon provides the perfect opportunity to be bold, creative and daring in your fashion choices. Because, after all, nothing says English summer quite like a bit of eccentricity.

Are you Wimbledon-ready? If you’re still fretting over what to wear, check out our full collection of suits and accessories and get the perfect look this summer.

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