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Essential Tips for Autumn Style

Get the perfect autumn look with our simple styling tips.

Autumn is officially here. It’s the season of ghouls at Halloween, fireworks on Guy Fawkes night, the indulgence of the harvest - of long autumnal walks and evenings by the fire. But most importantly (to us anyway) it’s a new fashion season. It’s time to pack away the flip-flops and shorts and indulge in a more decadent seasonal fashion.

In this post, we’ll help you to separate the wheat from the chaff and harvest the very best and most essential autumn stylings you need to know to rock the season!

Waterproof your look: The Rain Jacket

What’s the worst thing about autumn? We reckon it’s the rain. Those sudden showers that break through the crisp brightness of an autumn morning and completely catch you off guard on your commute into work or your walk in the park. Nobody wants to look like a drowned rat, right?

So, the first key to nailing your autumn look is to waterproof it. Today, it’s easy to do. Sure an umbrella will keep you dry but carrying around a soggy umbrella isn’t always such a sartorially savvy decision. The solution? A wearable waterproof layer. Donning a lightweight and minimalist rain jacket not only protects your clothes from the rain, it also looks great. Effortlessly blending function with fashion, no dapper gent should brave the autumnal weather without it.

When shopping for your rain jacket opt for one that is 100% waterproof. Avoid those touted to be water-resistant or showerproof - these just won’t hack it when it comes to a drizzly autumnal afternoon. Steer clear of techy cagoule unless you’re planning on taking a hike and keep the look minimalist - think of it as a simple outer casing. Taped seams will keep you looking fresh and smart and...well, dry!

Get fabric-savvy: Wool and tweed trousers

The chillier climate calls for more hardy fabrics. Nowhere is this truer than in the trousers department. Unlike the top half, it’s difficult to layer up the lower part of the body - unless you’re willing to don long-johns - but we wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, you need a fabric that can do double-duty - both stylish and heat effective. So, put the cotton trousers back into storage and invest in a pair of well-made wool or tweed trousers.

Wool holds heat really well. After all, it’s wool that keeps animals warm through harsh climates. But don’t sweat it - wool is also incredibly breathable, so won’t get you hot and flustered on a busy tube commute or in a crowded bar. Tweed is similarly breathable and has origins in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland - an area known for its harsh climate. Either is a great choice depending on your look.

Here, at Empire Outlet, we have a huge range of high-quality tweed and wool trousers in a modern slim fit - perfect for formal and informal affairs alike. Check out the black, navy and grey pairs for a classic and easy autumnal look or go slightly bolder with dark green and burgundy.

Wrap it up: Lightweight Knitwear

Knitwear hasn’t always enjoyed popularity amongst fashion savvy gents. Decried as the go-to fashion option for bearded folk living in cabins and growing straggling beards. But nothing keeps you warm like a quality knit - and it doesn't have to be as chunky and toggle-laden as you think.

Jumpers and cardigans in light knit are a great choice for autumn and are great at regulating your temperature. To keep it smart, go for merino wool or breathable cotton blends - or if you’re willing to go the full mile, you really can’t go wrong with plushy cashmere. Avoid patterns and instead opt to block colours such as navy, grey, brown or beige that can easily work with the rest of your outfit. For the more creative dresser, bottle green, burgundy and burnt orange are a great seasonal fit. 

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Layer up with multiple thin layers

Autumn is the season for layering. It’s not as warm as summer so that loose shirt won’t cut it, nor is it as cold as winter so those seriously heavy-duty heat-compacting items aren’t the ticket. Autumn is a season in-between. The weather is unpredictable - one moment you’re boiling hot the next you’re frozen to the bone. What you need are multiple thin layers that can easily be removed or added to, to adjust to the changing weather.

Layering is fun. Whole outfits can be transformed by alternating, and creating different combinations through layers is almost like having constant costume changes throughout the day - a luxury few of us have time for. There are no strict rules either when it comes it to layering - just keep the fabrics light and the colours coordinated. It couldn’t be simpler!

Get puddle-proof kicks: The boots

Footwear grounds your outfit - literally. Every day we pound the pavements in our shoes, striding through the crowds and tackling the daily grime of the streets. No other part of our outfit bears the brunt of our environments than what we wear underfoot. So, it makes sense that when re-calibrating our autumn look, we should wear from the ground up.

Autumn brings its own set of environmental grievances - looming puddles and mushed up fallen leaves to name just a couple. So, you need footwear that can protect your feet from the cold mush whilst keeping your look sharp. You can’t go wrong with a well-made pair of boots. Boots are the sturdy, yet no less dapper, autumn equivalent to your favourite brogues. Providing more coverage than the average shoe, boots are incredibly versatile and easy to wear. Dress them with tailored trousers and a suit or keep it casual with a pair of jeans - your boots will not only provide some hardy protection to your feet and socks but also look great. 

Derby and Chelsea boots are both an elegant option. Avoid suede unless you want to replace your boots every week and instead opt for more resilient fabrics like grain or matte leather. Speaking of durability, opt for leather or rubber-soled boots with plenty of grip to avoid any embarrassing slips in the rain. When it comes to colour avoid Paddington bear bold colours and go for classic black, tan or browns.

Autumn is a great season for fashion. Browse our full collection of classic tweeds and elegant wools to keep you above the chaff.

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