Stylish men in trendy British tweed suits with a walking stick and leather valise stand on the terrace in summer

Tweed Summer Suits? Why British Tweed Is the Perfect Choice for Your Summer Wardrobe

Don’t let your tweed languish in the wardrobe. Tweed is an excellent fabric for summer too, you know!

We know what you’re thinking —  tweed suits in the summer? Are we mad? Okay, we all know that tweed is an elegant and classic choice for the winter and autumn months. Rough, thick and water-resistant, there’s nothing better than a tweed suit to keep you warm and stylish during the most dreary time of year. But just because tweed wears well in wintery weather doesn’t mean you can’t rock the look all year-long.

Busting the Myth: Tweed in Winter, Anything Else in Summer

Why do so many of us think that tweed is only appropriate for autumn and winter wear? The answer lies in history. Tweed emerged in Scotland and Ireland as the fabric for farmers and outdoorsmen. Coarse and earthy, tweed was worn less as the fashion statement it is today and more for its practicality. With its water-resistance, durability and built-in insulation, it was the perfect fabric to withstand damp and harsh climates. And so the myth was born.

Since the 18th century, tweed has become the gentleman’s choice for outdoor wear. Rugged yet aristocratic, casual yet elegant, sporting tweed makes a very particular fashion statement,  one that is so often tied to the seasons. But are we missing out?

Today, advances in tailoring have changed the game. Innovative fabric combinations blend tweed with different wools, cotton and other light fabrics to make it less dense and heavy and more suitable for the summer months. Open, loose twills in the tweed also make for a lightweight alternative to winter tweed. So don’t pack away your tweed just yet. Keep reading to find out how you can create a standout summer wardrobe with this iconic fabric.

Tweed Summer Suits

Summer is the season of celebration. With countless wedding invites, sporting events, and outdoor bashes, your calendar can quickly get booked up. Who doesn’t love a garden party or a day at the races? There’s only one problem — what to wear!

Men’s summer fashion often leaves a lot to be desired. Awful cropped trousers, ancient stained t-shirts, crumpled linen suits — staying dapper through the most sizzling time of year can be difficult for even the most discerning gent. Cue tweed, the summer fashion saviour.

A lightweight tweed suit like this grey-blue Prince of Wales tweed suit is an excellent choice for a summer bash. Constructed from a combination of fabrics to keep it light and breezy, this tweed suit stands out from the crowd. The sharp tailoring and classic cut will ensure that you’re the most stylish man around for miles.

When choosing your summer tweed suit, think about the colour. When we think of tweed, our minds often race to earthy, dark colours. While this may make for the perfect camouflage on a hunt, it’s not so suitable for summer wear. Fortunately, that’s not the full story. The various colours of tweed have always been inspired by the land — dark granite and mossy woods, of course, but also briny green seaweeds, dusky white shells and powdery blue seas. Why not reflect summer in your colour palette by opting for something a little different? A green tweed suit captures the lushness of the season and works from day to night. Perfect for that upcoming summer gathering.  

Accessorise with Tweed

Tweed is a versatile fabric. From jackets to suits and from ties to hats, you could easily wear tweed every day of the year while still keeping your wardrobe fresh. If you’re still not convinced that a tweed suit is the perfect choice for that summer BBQ, introduce tweed slowly. Start with a herringbone tweed tie. All of our ties are made with exceptionally high-quality wool to bring an air of sartorial elegance to any outfit.

A tweed jacket can also be used to add a little extra special something to your informal look. Summer parties tend to be day affairs that reach long into the night. For an easy transition from daytime cool to night-time flair, try adding a tweed jacket. Whether you’re wearing chinos or a pair of jeans with a t-shirt or a polo, a jacket such as this brown and red houndstooth tweed will elevate your look in seconds.

Looking for a sharp summer look? Don’t resign yourself to only wearing tweed in the winter. Check out our full collection of tweed suits today and make this summer, your most stylish yet.

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