Group of friends holding sparklers close to camera on a fireworks night party - style tips on how to look good on bonfire night

Get The Ultimate Fireworks Night Look

There’s no denying that bonfire night is one of the best nights of the year. Clear crisp skies filled with colourful firework displays, mulled wine, crackling bonfires, hearty soups and a general sense of joviality. But the best part? Fireworks night is the ultimate chance to showcase your autumn style.

Whether you’re heading to a public fireworks display, popping round to a friend’s, or hosting your own autumnal bash, we’ve got the lowdown on getting your look right this 5th of November. Because why should the fireworks steal the show every time?

Keep Your Head About You: The Tweed Hat

There’s nothing better than standing beneath the autumnal night sky, eyes turned upwards, hot toddy in hand, watching a spectacular fireworks display. But November nights are notoriously chilly, and failing to dress appropriately can leave you shivering from the cold and watching the fireworks from behind double-glazing. You don’t have to miss out — stay warm by adding a hat to your look.

Hats have long been considered the trickiest accessory to pull off. But the choices of hat available have never been better nor, thanks to the popularity of shows such as Peaky Blinders, more popular. Channel Guy Ritchie cool and opt for a newsboy cap or flat cap. Our Green Flat Cap and Country Brown Herringbone Newsboy Cap are both excellent choices. Made from the highest-quality fabric and super on-trend, you can’t go wrong. These hats are also a great way to protect your perfectly styled hair should the heavens open up — which is always a risk in the UK — bonus!

Keep Cosy: The Coat

Your coat is your first defence against the cold, and it’s an item you’ll wear again and again, so make sure you invest in a good one. There are so many different types to choose from, from the single-breasted Chesterfield and sporty duffle coat to the old-timey cool of the Havelock and the lightweight trench coat. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the statement piece of the season, but you may want to think about the colour. As a general rule of thumb, neutral colours work best, as they complement the majority of what’s in your wardrobe. Our exquisite cashmere coats come in three easy to wear shades: black, grey and blue, and work for formal affairs and bonfires alike.

As the fireworks get going, don’t forget to protect your neck with a well-knotted scarf. Check out our blog to find out how to wear a scarf with style every time.

Look Sharp: The Tweed

If like many others, you live in a city and have few opportunities to channel your inner country gent, you’ll be happy to hear that bonfire night is the best time to get knee-deep in country style. Go with classic heritage tweed for the ultimate autumnal look.

Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean you can’t bring some sartorial elegance to the table. Tweed is a hardy, outdoor-proof fabric, while also being effortlessly stylish and sharp. This fireworks night, why not ditch the same old rugby shirt and poor-fitting jeans, and embrace your dapper side with a tweed suit? Our Dark Brown Herringbone Tweed 2-Piece is just the ticket for bonfire shenanigans.

Stay Grounded: The Footwear

Falling leaves make for a very picturesque autumnal scene, but as winter approaches, those beautiful crunchy leaves start to turn soggy underfoot. Too many men have paid the price of not taking these blighters into account when choosing their footwear — don’t be one of them. Avoid materials like suede, which is easily ruined, and opt instead for some hardy leather boots or wellingtons. Both of these pairs well with tweed trousers or denim jeans and look stylish to boot.

Bonfire night is fun, but you should always exercise caution. If you’re the one lighting the fireworks or setting the bonfire ablaze, make sure to keep loose fabric out of the way and always wear gloves to protect your hands. Browse our collection of tweed suits, hats and overcoats, and make a fireworks fashion statement with a bang!


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