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Ever Ask Yourself: What Suit Style Suits Me?

Trying to answer the question “what suit style suits me?” can be a real chore. We, however, have this critical task all sewn up for you.

Question: When is a suit not a suit? When it doesn't fit and is totally wrong for your shape. So, instead of looking cool and sophisticated in attire that may have cost a lot and took you ages to get, you end up with something that's just not suited to you and does little to enhance your appearance.

When wondering what suit style suits me, there are many things to consider. It's not just the material and cut, and whether or not it's tailor-made or bought off the rack. Fundamentally, it's the shape of the man that determines how a suit hangs on his frame and how it looks.

Then, there's a whole world of fabrics to choose from and, again, what suits one man might not look so great on another. Additionally, your suit choice may very well depend on the climate you're in or the weather on the day. A cotton suit might be great for warm summer days but might look entirely out of place in the autumn or winter. Then, there are the many occasions a man needs a suit for — work, weddings, births, funerals and just about everything else. The pressure is on to dress well and look the part!

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The Many Shapes of Men

Thankfully these days, there are many suit styles to choose from. This is because the garment industry has finally cottoned on to the reality that men have different shapes, so a basic, standard suit and size is not going to be a perfect fit for everyone.

In recent decades, for example, men's body shape has grown — taller and wider, in many cases, due to better nutrition and improved health because of attention to diet and exercise, and the availability of good healthcare. Plus, while some men may start to let themselves go as they reach middle age and have families — the infamous "Dad Bod" — many younger guys are now spurred to get into shape due to the prevalence and influence of toned male bodies on social media.

So if you've got a great body, don't hide it in a huge and billowing suit. The slim-fit suit that tapers at the waste is now a must for many men who look after themselves. It's suitable for just about anywhere, from work to weddings and so much more. However, not everyone has the body to wear such a suit, even if they work out all the time. So a man with a solid and stocky build may be better off choosing something like a tailored tweed suit for an occasion or event.

The Price of What Suit Style Suits Me

Another consideration of many men when considering what suit style suits me is the price tag. Traditionally, a good suit has been a major investment and not every man can easily afford. Shelling out thousands of pounds or dollars for an outfit just may not be feasible. So while it's all very well to talk about different styles, fits and materials, it's often the cost that trumps everything else.

That doesn’t mean you have to have an enormous budget to buy a great suit for your next occasion. Our luxury menswear company was founded, after all, on the notion that a top-class suit doesn't have to have a top-class price. Our driving force is making super suits available to all men, at a fraction of the cost of others. 

This philosophy is what drove our founder, Anthony Horner, to set up the company in the first place — after he found it frustrating to get luxury suits for himself without the high prices. It’s thanks to the power of the internet that prices can be kept low and passed on to discerning customers who want to look tremendous in a great suit that won’t break the bank.

Discover the world of low-cost, high-quality, luxurious suits for men. Empire Outlet will tailor your suit to your body type, giving you a perfect fit that will look amazing wherever you are. We also have all the accessories you need to wear your new suit with confidence and pride.

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