Male friends attending a beach wedding all holding beers performing a toast, view from bottom up

What to Wear to a Destination Beach Wedding

Sun, sand and matrimony — destination beach weddings are becoming increasingly popular. More and more of us are ditching rainy, overcast skies for weddings with a tropical twist. And who doesn’t love a destination wedding? Combining a holiday with the big day make the ingredients for a great time for all.

But dressing for a beach wedding isn’t easy. Beach weddings occupy a murky sartorial zone — one wrong step and you’ll look wildly overdressed, another and you become the dad trying too hard to look cool.

If you’re wondering what to wear to a wedding, keep reading — we break down our top tips for getting your look just right.

A Suit Is Never out of Place

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — a suit is always the best way to go. Sure, the wedding may have beachy informal vibes, but you’ll never look out of place in a good wedding suit.

The secret to rocking a beach suit? Good tailoring and lightweight fabrics. Heat takes its toll on our clothes. Sweat marks, crumpled fabric and misshapen form can really ruin your look. And with all the inevitable wedding photos, you’ll never be able to forget it. So, stick to lightweight breathable fabrics that help you keep cool and sharp tailoring that won’t lose its shape throughout the day.

A Sky Blue Windowpane Suit is a great choice. Slim fit yet breathable, tailored and elegant, you’ll be the most stylish man on the beach! To really make this look pop, add a tie or pocket square.

Get Colourful

When choosing what to wear to a wedding, a beach setting is a great opportunity to go bold with colours. Your standard grey, dark blue or black suit may be the fail-safe option, but a beach wedding demands a different kind of approach. It’s a holiday after all and you don’t want to look like you’re about to head back to the office.

So make a statement. Pastel tones perfectly compliment the powdery sand and blue seas — pale yellow, mint green and sky blue are all great choices.

We know that getting creative with colours can be intimidating and it’s so much easier to get things wrong when going for a statement piece. This Light Blue 2 Piece is a classic yet bold step in the right direction. Light in colour and fabric, this suit is perfect for a tropical wedding.

Step Right

Do you love the feeling of sand between your toes? Does the heat make you want to channel your inner hippy and rock a pair of sandals? If you’re tempted to wear those sandals to that beach wedding — don’t! Sandals may work on the beach, but they never work for a wedding — even when that wedding is on a beach.

Shoes are probably the hardest thing to get right when it comes to a beach wedding. The last thing you want are shoes that constrict your feet and make you feel even hotter. But sandals are not the answer. Instead, try some light leather tan lace-up shoes — you could even forgo the socks for a more laid-back look. Avoid suede and other heavy fabrics. You can always take them off when the dancing begins!

Cast Some Shade

What do Snoop Dogg, Karl Lagerfeld, and Paul Newman have in common? You might think not much, but they’ve all used sunglasses to make a fashion statement. Sunglasses work wonders — in one fell swoop, popping on a pair of stylish sunnies takes your look from office-worker to edgy cool. It’s a universal fashion fact that sunglasses can transform your look.

Sunglasses in a church may be inappropriate but at a beach wedding? They become a necessity. You don’t want to be squinting through the ceremony or missing the ‘I do’s’ while you swipe sand from your eyes, right?

You can’t go wrong with these classic aviators. Extremely durable and robust, these sunnies sport polarized lenses to protect your eyes from the tropical glare. Finished with a natural rosewood frame, they’re an effortlessly cool addition to your wedding look.

Want to nail the perfect look? When it comes to choosing what to wear to a wedding, get creative and shop our collection of suits and accessories to really get into the holiday spirit!

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