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What to Wear to an Autumn Wedding

Summer wedding season is officially over, but before you put your dancing shoes away, we’re here to tell you - autumn wedding season is here! Burnt oranges colour schemes, autumnal bouquets, and anxious couples praying for good weather.

You may have nailed your summer wedding look, but autumn weddings require slightly different sartorial decisions. Crisp days and cold nights call for heavier fabrics and richer colours. So, pack away the linens, put your pale suits back into storage and get ready for a new fashion season.

If you’re heading to a wedding this autumn, here’s everything you need to know about what to wear.

Get the right fabric

Autumn is a lovely time for a wedding but unless you’re heading away for a beach wedding, autumnal weather can be unpredictable. One moment glaring sun through dappled leaves, the next a tumultuous rainstorm. With such sudden temperature changes, autumn is the season to make sure you get your fabric right. You need a fabric that is both warm for cold climes, but breathable enough to keep you looking fresh when the sun’s out. A fabric that protects you from the rain, but won’t leave you looking like a sweaty mess on the dance floor. It may sound impossible, but we’ve got the solution for you. Have you guessed it yet? That’s right, our favourite: tweed.

A tweed suit not only coincides well with an autumn colour scheme and is effortlessly stylish, but it’s also the practical choice. Warm, yet breathable; water-resistant, yet flexible - it’s the ultimate autumn fabric. Go for one of our well-tailored, slim-fit tweed three-pieces for a sharp and versatile wedding look.

Get with the autumnal colour scheme

Each season has its own colour palette. Spring is all about the pastels, soft shades of pinks and blues to match the ladies’ florals. Summer is bright, bold colours that dazzle in the sunshine. Winter is the time to bring out dark and luxurious colours, think rich burgundy and hefty textures. Autumn...well, autumn is all about muted and earthy tones. Take inspiration from the changing leaves and go for brown, reds, and yellows or go for earth tones, rich blues or jewelled tones.

More than anything, autumn fashion is about daring to go bold. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your colour palette and enjoy the richness of the season with our Maroon Barleycorn tweed three-piece.

Play with patterns and accessories

Summer weddings provide a great opportunity to experiment with accessories - sunglasses, straw hats, neckties in playful floral prints. But we’d be willing to wager that autumn is actually the best season for personal style flourishes. To start with, the more varied and deeper colours that form the base of your suit open you up to more experimental suit designs. Out with white linen and summer minimalism. Instead, a bold check or Herringbone tweed suit will you to stand out in the best way and works well for an autumn wedding.

There’s also all the various options for your tie and pocket square. Summer weddings are often more informal affairs where forgoing your tie and loosening a button is more a survival tactic in the heat than a fashion statement. In contrast, the turning temperature of autumn often encourages a more formal flourish. So, add a splash of colour and character to your suit with some fun tie and pocket square pairings. Once again, keep the autumnal colour schemes in mind. If you’re donning an earthy brown tweed suit (great choice) why not spice it up with a bold red tie and pocket-square that pay homage to the turning leaves? Or if you’ve braved the burgundy suit, why not go the full-hog and add an intricate patterned tie and pocket-square to complete the decadent look? Be creative and have fun, autumn wedding fashion is all about these little flourishes.

Get textured

What were the best things about autumn when you were a child? Stomping through crunchy leaves hearing them crackle beneath your foot? Bashing open the prickly outer casing to reveal a beautiful smooth and shiny conker? Sitting by a crackling fire? Watching luminous fireworks light up the black sky? All of the above? Autumn is the ultimate sensorial season - sounds, textures, contrasts. So, why not incorporate that aspect of the season into your wedding wardrobe and play with varied textures.

Not only can you play with the texture of your suit but also the layering of accessories and flourishes. Chuck a knitted tie over a crisp white shirt and tweed suit for a thoroughly modern and dapper sensorial texturing. Or add shiny gold cufflinks to a muted and rough tweed suit to get the ultimate - but still stylish - conker-look. The idea here is to build visual interest through contrasting and complimenting different textures together in one look.

Don’t despair at yet another wedding season - embrace it. With our easy to follow steps, you’ll nail the look every time. So, browse our collection today and get suited-and-booted for the autumn wedding season.

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