About Us


Hey, Ant & Rhea here. We are the owners of Empire Outlet.

Rhea, formerly a Spa Manager now heads up all customer services enquiries and Ant, formerly British Army and IT Sales Manager, oversees the Website & Marketing.

During Ant's time as a Sales Manager after leaving the Army, he noticed it was very difficult to buy a suit which had that luxurious feel or an air of exclusivity, without a £400-£500 price tag.

When we got married in August of 2016 there was of course, a lot of attention put towards what suit Ant should wear.

Money was tight but we didn't want to compromise on the quality and feel of his suit. We just could not find an appropriate suit which had that luxurious feel to it at an affordable price.

From that point on a seed was planted, and we vowed to find a way of being able to put luxurious suits into the hands of others who may be on a budget.

We founded Empire Outlet in October 2016 and we have since gone on to service over 7,000 customers in 35+ countries across the globe.

We promise to work hard and keep working hard to bring luxurious suits to those who might not otherwise afford them. We promise to keep costs as low as we possibly can, any discounts we get from our partners are passed directly on to you. We solely operate online to support the promise of keeping costs down.

The empire is building on it's initial successes and is growing rapidly with some very exciting plans for the future, watch this space...


Our luxury tweed suits are cut to a "modern slim fit" style. This means that we still allow for breathing room in your suit whilst still maintaining that slim look to compliment your physique. It's a win win, really...

We have a team of 35 full time, professional tailors with hundreds of years of combined experience. We really do mean it when we say each suit is individually hand made to order.

We also accept fully customised measurements for a truly luxurious experience. View our custom measurements sizing guide before ordering.


Our mission is to provide the modern day gent access to high quality, luxury suits which are exquisitely crafted. Each of our suits are meticulously hand made to order, specially for you.

Nothing but your personal satisfaction is acceptable with our service. Not only do we want to make sure you look and feel like a king, we want to achieve this without burning a hole in your pocket.

We promise to always deliver high quality luxury menswear at affordable prices.


We offer a totally risk free service and purchases can be made via PayPal to ensure they are fully protected by PayPal's Buyer Protection.

We are forever committed to ensuring the safety of our customers' personal and financial data online. We are officially PCI DSS Certified by Trustwave to demonstrate this promise.

Your suit will lovingly crafted by hand for that personal touch and your guaranteed satisfaction.

If you are unsatisfied with your product - in any way - you can return it for an exchange or full refund within 14 days of receiving it.