Dark Green Overcheck Twill Tweed Trousers

Dark Green Overcheck Twill Tweed Trousers

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Craft Your Legacy: Dark Green Overcheck Twill Tweed Trousers

Elevate your sartorial game with trousers that blend tradition and bespoke tailoring. Expertly handcrafted, these are the foundations of a distinguished wardrobe.

Fabric of Character, Overcheck Twill: Disover the richness of tweed trousers, handcrafted to introduce a classic overcheck twill pattern that's as versatile as it is timeless.

The Quintessence of Green Tweed: Immerse yourself in the deep greenery of our green tweed trousers, reflecting the very soul of rural elegance for the contemporary man.

Versatility Woven into Every Thread: These trousers form a solid base to build upon, blending perfectly with our waistcoats and jackets, or forming part of our iconic three-piece suit.

Excellence in Every Stitch: These trousers stand as a testament to meticulous tailoring, with every thread woven to create a legacy of elegance that stands the test of time.

Material: 60% Wool & 40% Terylene
Weight: 420gsm
Dry Clean Only
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