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What Is the Best Wedding Attire for Men?

Trying to figure out the best wedding attire for men doesn’t have to be a headache.

It's possibly the most difficult sartorial decision any man has to make: what to wear on his wedding dayOn other momentous occasions, such as births and deaths, he can get away with a simple navy or black suit, but as he's tying the knot, he along with his new bride will be the centre of attention. All eyes will be on what you’re wearing, and it’s a lot of pressure to get it right.

There's all those guests to consider, and all those photographs to be taken that will last a lifetime and (hopefully) have your children gaping in awe at how dapper you looked in your fantastic suit. But with so many choices and styles available these days, how do you know what wedding attire for men is best? Should you play it conservative and opt for a traditional look? Or would you rather be more daring with a bolder suit that also shows off your personality? It can be hard to know.

Plus, your partner will undoubtedly be looking dazzling on their wedding day, and you won't want to be shown up by looking dull by comparison. To find out what type of wedding attire might be best for your big day, consider the following:


If you're on the hunt for the perfect wedding attire for men, you'd better get your skates on. Proper planning is essential to getting the gear that's best for you and leaving it until the last minute risks quickly picking something that could look disastrous on you.


Suits can be made out of practically anything, but if you're going for the old reliables, the type of material you choose will often depend on the time of year you're planning to get hitched. You won't want to be sweltering in the summer, for sure. Classic fabrics that have stood the test of time include wool, tweed, cotton and linen.

Fit For The Day

Whatever suit a man chooses for his wedding day, it must be suitable for the gravity or formality of the event. Trends in recent times of men getting married in jeans may seem like fun at the time, but do they really honour the day and those attending? Also, when picking out a suit, men need to bear in mind what their partner, bridesmaids and groomsmen will be wearing and choose something that compliments them.

Fit for You

An ill-fitting suit is a sartorial disaster. It singles out a man as careless in his clothing — he didn't take the time to find something that fit him well, or just didn't care. He looks bad. On the other hand, a tailor-made suit speaks volumes about a man: real class, style and sophistication.


When looking for great wedding attire for men, consider the accessories the groom will be wearing. Undoubtedly he will be sporting a boutonniere or buttonhole, and how will the floral arrangement look against the fabric of the suit? What kind of neckwear would be best paired with the suit? And will there be a cummerbund and cufflinks? The right accessories, properly matched with a man’s wedding suit, will definitely set the right tone.

Weddings and the days leading up to them are an incredibly stressful time in any man’s life. Hopefully, you’ll be doing it just the once, so you want to make sure everything is perfect on the day, including how you look. Some careful planning and attention to what’s required will have you in the best wedding attire possible.

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