Ready Sizes Guide

Choosing the right size is something you should carefully consider before placing an order. Each of our suits are custom-made specifically for you, and as such are non-returnable, so we want to make absolutely sure that you have the right size for the best fit possible.

Simply take a measurement of your Height, Chest, Belly, Hip and Waist. Each measurement that you take should be done with no clothing on (underwear is fine), and the measuring tape should be pulled tight, with no gaps.

Once you have your measurements written down, you need to add a certain amount to each one to then determine what size you should choose on the size chart.

Jackets & Waistcoats

If you want a Slim Fit, add between 2" and 3".

If you want a Regular Fit, add 3" to 4".


Do not add any measurements to the waist, but only for the hip.

If you want a Slim Fit, add between 2" and 3".

If you want a Regular Fit, add 3" to 3.5".

Clearly, the more inches you add, the looser and baggier the fit will be, and vice versa. Once you have added to each measurement, you will be able to check the sizing table below and select the size that is most appropriate for your body.

For example, if you were to order a Tweed 3 Piece Suit and your actual body measurements were as follows:

  • Height - 180cm / 5'11"
  • Chest - 40"
  • Belly - 36"
  • Hip - 40"
  • Waist - 34.5"

For a Slim Fit, you would add 2" to each measurement, resulting in the following final measurements.

  • Chest - 42"
  • Belly - 38"
  • Hip - 42"
  • Waist - 34.5"

Now that you have the final measurements, we look to see what size would fit the best. In this case, a Jacket and Waistcoat size 40 would fit very nicely. This means you would select a size 40 from our ready sizes.

Use your height to determine whether you should choose a Short, Regular or Long. In this example, if you are 180cm then you would choose 40R.

For the Trousers, we can see that our hip measurement of 42" fits the 34 size range, which also leaves plenty of room for our waist measurement of 34". Checking the inseam measurement of 33" we can also see that we should select the Regular size.

In our example, the perfect sizing for our body should would be:

  • Jacket - 40R
  • Waistcoat - 40R
  • Trousers - 34R Slim Fit

If your belly or hip measurement is dramatically bigger/small then we recommend to choose our Bespoke service for the perfectly fitted Tweed Suit.

How To Take Accurate Measurements

Of course, we are always on hand to help via email at if you're unsure about what size to order.

1. Height
We will use your height to determine what length of Jacket & Waistcoat should fit you the best.

2. Chest
Measure the full circumference of your chest at it's widest area, below your armpits.

3. Belly
Measure the full circumference of your belly at it's widest area.

4. Hip
Measure around your hip and the largest part of your buttocks.

5. Waist
Measure the full circumference at the area where your belt lies.

Size Chart

Men's 3 & 2 Piece Suits

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