Collection: Clearance

Step into a treasure trove of timeless style with our Clearance Collection. As we make room for new inspirations and designs, we offer you a rare opportunity to own our classic tweed suits at unparalleled prices.

Each piece in this collection carries the legacy of craftsmanship and heritage we're known for, ensuring that every suit, even at clearance, is of top-notch quality.

But remember, 'Clearance' also means 'Last Chance.' These beauties won't be restocked, so seize the opportunity to own a piece of sartorial history.

The best part? No waiting. Your chosen piece is ready to be dispatched, with the esteemed Royal Mail ensuring that your slice of luxury reaches you promptly.

Dive into a collection that embodies the charm of English heritage, the beauty of tweed, and the promise of instant gratification. Fashioned for the now, inspired by the classics.