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Essential Best Man Tips You Need to Read Right Now

Here’s some best man tips that will help you come off as a star on the big day.

It's an honour being a best man, helping your longtime friend out on his wedding day. But once that glow of being asked wears off and you're faced with the reality of the task ahead, it can be quite a daunting challenge. Possibly your biggest fear is standing up in a room full of people and giving a speech — and one you hope will be full of wit, making guests laugh and not wish they were elsewhere.

But the speech is just the tip of the best man iceberg, as there are a host of other duties you have to perform to make the big day go smoothly. Before you even get to the church, there's the little matter of the stag do to organise — in a way that won't cause outrage on both sides of the wedding camp.

It's no wonder many a best man can feel like he's suddenly got another full-time job. But like anything, the key is in the preparation and knowing what to do. So here at Empire Outlet, we've prepared some essential best man tips you need to know before you do anything.

Empire Outlet's Best Man Tips

1. Don't Overdo the Stag Do

Many guys think they have to go totally over the top when organising a stag do/bachelor party. Strippers, barrels of booze, naked antics out on the streets of some eastern European city — the list of possible shenanigans goes on and on. How it's all gone so out of control since stag dos were just a simple and elegant “bachelor’s dinner” the night before the wedding. With stag dos, we say less is definitely more.

All those guys jetting off to parts of Spain for the weekend and already tanked up before the plane leaves the UK at 6am? That may not be the best option for everyone — and bear in mind that there's a reason many places ban stag dos entirely. It's not, after all, about a brash display of machismo; it's about a good night out with your friends. Class instead of trash will say reams about you and your bachelor party.

2. A Suitable Man

After the big bash, it's time to start thinking about getting suited up for the big day. Have a chat with the groom about who's paying for yours, his and all the groomsmen's. It may be it's part of an overall wedding budget from the bride's parents or indeed the happy couple themselves, or every man may be expected to fork out for their own suit.

Whatever the case, think about buying instead of renting, as they could both work out around the same, and you could get years of wear from your purchase, instead of just a few hours. As many eyes will be on you, as a VIP member of the wedding party, make sure you get measured up for your suit so it perfectly fits your frame and doesn't hang off you like a sad flag.

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3. A King's Speech

Now it's time for the dreaded and most nerve-wracking part of being best man: your much-anticipated speech at the reception. So much pressure! What to write, what not to say, and how to avoid totally embarrassing yourself with a dud of a speech? As far as best man tips go, this might be the biggest: keep it simple and short.

No-one is expecting you to suddenly become a comedian and have them rolling with laughter in the aisles, and no-one really wants to hear tales of the groom's past escapades and trysts with women. Certainly, none in the wedding party want to be bored to tears by a rambling speech that seemingly never ends. So, as with planning the stag do, don't overreach and keep it classic. Thank everyone, praise the bride and groom and invite everyone to toast their good health and then get up on the dancefloor.

Whatever you do on the wedding day, don't lose the ring, and have it ready to hand over at the critical moment in the church or registry office. Finally, when you've done your best man job superbly, hopefully, thanks to our essential best man tips, you can go ahead and give yourself a massive pat on the back. You've performed a key function at this function of functions, it's an honour to be asked — and you've delivered in style!

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