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Perfect Christmas Gifts for the Special Man in Your Life

Is there anything more tantalising than a mound of delicately wrapped presents piled beneath the Christmas tree? Gifts are more than just a seasonal tradition — they’re little tokens of our affection for those we hold most dear to us. As the saying goes, there’s no gift greater than giving. The only problem is, men can be notoriously hard to buy for.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a boyfriend or husband, son or brother, or dad or grandad, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide to Christmas presents for your loved ones.

Invest in Some Bling: Cufflinks

When in doubt, buy some bling. The gift of jewellery may be most commonly associated with women — such as a diamond ring in a red velvet box or a beautiful pair of sparkling earrings — but the shiny stuff isn’t just for women.

A pair of stylish, glittering cufflinks is always a good choice. Our Empire Crown Cufflinks are a regal gift for the special chap in your life, made with only the highest-quality craftsmanship and with a distinctive silver crown design sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. For the savvy modern professional, you can’t go wrong with our Blue Striped Rectangle Cufflinks. Both cufflinks come with an easy swivel fitting and a beautiful presentation box — perfect for easy wrapping.

Start a Family Tradition: A Watch

If you’re really looking to wow with a gift, look no further than a watch. Regarded as a male rite of passage, a watch is both a practical and elegant present. Watches have a very special place in male sartorial history. When passed down from father to son, a watch can become a family legacy. But not all watches are made equal. A high-tech watch with all the bells and whistles is great, but when it comes to starting a tradition, you want something — ironically — timeless. Our Brown Leather Quartz Dress Watch in rose gold showcases traditional Swiss style and is the perfect watch for dapper gents. Powered by quartz movement, it’s sleek, stylish and sophisticated, while also being robust with scratch-resistant technology and a zinc alloy case — ideal for keeping it in pristine condition for the next generation. All of our watches also come with a beautiful presentation box for that extra festive flourish.

Get the Perfect Fit with a Personal Touch: Clothes

If you’re looking for the personal touch, you can’t get much more personal than a tailor- made suit handmade to fit. An impeccably fitted suit, tailor-made to your special guy’s build is the ultimate gift for the fashion savvy. And it’s not as tricky as you think — at Empire Outlet, we’ve made the process easier than ever. Simply collect a few key measurements, choose your style, leave it in the expert hands of our tailors and wait for it to be sent directly to your door. You can even purchase fabric samples to check that the fabric works well with their complexion and style. Our luxury suits are also available for a fraction of the price you might expect to pay, so your present won’t break the bank (even if it looks like it has).

For a smaller, but no less personal, touch, a tie and pocket square is a great choice. The purpose of these versatile accessories is to add a little bit of colour and character to a man’s look. Choose a colour and pattern that will remind him of you. Our Red Floral Tie, Bow Tie and Pocket Square is a wonderfully festive choice made from high-quality fabric.

Get Crafty: Homemade Gifts with a Twist

If you’re looking for that truly personal touch, why not try hand making gifts for the special men in your life? Homemade gifts may have got a bad rap due to their reputation for being poorly made and somewhat useless, but the world of craft presents has changed that. There are hundreds of recipes for rustling up delicious flavoured alcohol, such as scrumptious flavoured gin or festive cider, or if the man you’re buying for has a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with some good old-fashioned homemade goodies. Wrap with a bow and add a handwritten note, and you’re onto a winner.

Get Experiential: Non-Material Gifts

What to get the man who has everything? Nothing! Or, at least, nothing material. While handing someone a wrapped up present and watching their eyes light up as they open it can give you a fuzzy feeling, sometimes, it’s the things we can’t touch that make the biggest impact. If your man has a bulging wardrobe, an array of technical gizmos and gadgets, and everything he needs for his hobby, why not give him an experience instead? Tickets to a sports game or concert, a tour around a distillery, or a trip to Paris are all excellent Christmas gifts. If you go with him and indulge in one of his hobbies — even if you hate it — you’ll get bonus points for giving them the best gift there is — your love and attention. To really make an impact, write a card with a token for the day or event. Who wouldn’t love that? And, if you get a great present this year, the onus is on them to return the favour!

Buying gifts doesn’t have to feel like a chore. It’s a great opportunity to get something special for those you love. Browse our full range of dapper suits and dazzling accessories for some great gift ideas.

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