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What's the Best Male Formal Attire?

Navigating all the many choices with male formal attire can be a nightmare, but it’s best to narrow it down to a number of selections, or even just one.

If you're like most men, you might think that formal wear is just a suit and little or nothing else. Just put it on, out you go and hey presto! We're men: it doesn't have to be complicated.

Actually, though, it can often be a little more complex than that. There's any number of events you'll be invited to or hosting during the course of your life, and one suit definitely does not fit all. It will depend on the dress code of particular occasions — white tie, black tie, black tie optional, semi-formal, business casual and more. You thought women had it hard with all their various fashion choices and dilemmas? It turns out that men can have an equally difficult time nailing down the exact look needed for an occasion.

The truth for men is that, apart from ultra-formal occasions, you can usually get away with a small collection of male formal attire that will be suitable for most events. You'll look stylish and sophisticated in a suit that's tailor-made to fit your shape and single you out as a discerning man of class and means.

Dressing for the Event

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Weddings, christenings, funerals, dinner parties and all the other life and social events we have to attend require you to dress appropriately. But rather than go to the trouble of buying a new outfit every time you're invited to a formal event or throw one of your own, what about having a timeless classic of a suit as a standby you can rely on time and again?

Something like a great tweed suit, for example, speaks volumes about a man's sense of sophistication, whatever the event. These days, you don't have to be a farmer or country squire to get fitted out in a tweed suit, as men — and women — from all walks of life are choosing this dependable and fashionable fabric for their formal attire needs.

We know this because we’re in the business of tweed, and make fitted tweed suits for men all over the world. Our customers are people who want to look good in an impeccable suit that makes them stand out from the crowd, whilst remaining appropriate for the event they’re attending.

Male Formal Attire: Rent or Buy

But when you're thinking about male formal attire for an upcoming event, should you just rent a suit for the day or buy one instead? It may surprise you, but renting formalwear is not all that cheap and may end up costing as much as a fitted suit you buy from a shop. Choosing a quality and durable garment for your formalwear will ensure it lasts for many years to come and proves a wise investment, rather than just handing something back after one day.

Plus, when you opt to purchase male formal attire from a shop that provides tailored services, you can always return to them for alterations if your body shape changes. It may be that, like many people, you gain a few pounds as the years go by, or you could lose weight due to a new fitness programme and need your suit reduced in size so it still looks good on you.

To answer the question we posed with this blog, the best male formal attire is an outfit that looks great, is comfortable to wear and respects the event you’re attending. This can be achieved with a single suit, of tweed or other material, and that’s perfectly tailored to the man’s frame. Now, you can reach into your wardrobe for the one standby suit that you really can wear anywhere.

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