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The 6 Suit Accessories Your Dapper Dad Needs This Father’s Day

It’s nearly time to get the family together, pop open the champagne, and show some love to the main man in your life — your dad. That’s right, in case you’d forgotten (your secret’s safe with us), Father’s Day falls on Sunday 17th of June this year. It’s the one day of the year where your dad takes the spotlight and you celebrate all the amazing things he does for you, often unnoticed.

Your dad might tell you that he doesn’t want anything, that he doesn’t want a fuss, or that his only wish is for everyone to be together, but you know him better than that. What’s a celebration without presents? However, shopping for dad is no easy feat, especially when he’s already got the tools, the golf clubs, and the personalised tumblers. What can you get the man who taught you how to ride a bike, listened patiently through your teenage heartbreak, or served as a taxi for most of your life?

We’ve put together a list of the 6 suit accessories every discerning dad needs. These gifts are classic, refined and utterly practical — just like your old man.

Blue and Black Cufflinks

1. Cufflinks: The Gentleman's Accessory of Choice

Nothing says “I love you” or “I value you” more than something stylish and shiny. Too often, we think of jewellery as something exclusively for women. Male jewellery conjures images of chunky chains or gaudy yellow bracelets — things your dad would never wear. Step forward the humble cufflink, the perfect blend of the ornamental and the functional.

A classy alternative to buttons, cufflinks add a flair to any outfit. Available in countless shapes, styles and materials, you’re bound to find something that perfectly matches your dad’s character and captures his more debonaire side.  

These Empire crown cufflinks are fit for a king. Subtle yet distinctive, the crown shape design elevates any outfit. They also come in a pretty snazzy presentation box, because, let’s be honest, how your gift looks is just as important as what it is.

2. Tie: Keeping It Classic

Gifting a tie may have the reputation of being a bit overdone, but there’s nothing wrong with going for this classic choice. Ties have been worn by men for over 150 years — it’s a fashion trend that has stood the test of time (unlike those Crocs you used to live in).

There’s no such thing as having “too many ties”, so you can rest assured your present won’t just be kept in its box under the bed. However, when buying a tie for the number one man in your life, you need to get creative. Colour, texture, style — every man has their own taste and preference when it comes to this wardrobe staple, so look for what your dad likes. If your dad is quirky and likes to experiment, a blue paisley tie and pocket square is something fun and a bit different. It’s also important to pay attention to the details. A handmade tie made from 100% silk and smooth to the touch offers an added luxury, and when matched with a well-cut suit, will make your dad the best-dressed man for miles.

black and silver quartz watch a suit accessory from Empire Outlet

3. Watch: Start A Tradition

A watch holds a very special place for the discerning gentleman. A rite of passage passed down through generations, it’s a symbol of the men who came before and a gift for those yet to come. Getting your dad a watch is the perfect way to show your respect and love, along with gratitude for all the things that you should probably thank him for more often.

Why not go classic with a sleek, stylish, and sophisticated brown leather quartz watch? Fastened with a genuine leather strap and protected by a robust zinc alloy case, it’s a watch that will last many lifetimes. And, hey, you never know, it might even get passed on to you one day!

4: Wallet: Because Money Doesn't Grow on Trees

Your dad has probably doled out quite a bit of cash on you over the years — all those football sessions, after-school sweets and toys don’t grow on trees, you know. While you’ll never be able to pay your dad back for all that he has spent on you — not just in money, but in time, love, and advice — a wallet’s a good place to start.

A wallet says a lot about a man, and when it comes to fashion, every detail matters. Keep it slim, minimal and functional with a real leather tan wallet. Luxuriously crafted from genuine pure leather and in a traditional bi-fold design, this must-have seamlessly pairs style and practicality.

5. Sunglasses: Keep It Cool

It may have taken it’s time, but summer is most definitely on the way. Sunglasses are the ultimate summer essential. However, that doesn’t mean its use is limited to a single season. Hands up who’s worn sunglasses on a dark morning to hide a hangover... Yeah, us too.

Today, sunglasses are about more than just eye protection. Give your dad something he can wear year-round — and make a fashion statement with — with some round sunglasses. These sunnies, framed with high-quality acetate and made from 100% natural rosewood, blend reliable protection with class and style.

6. Hats: An Undervalued Fashion Statement

When it comes to dad-fashion, a hat can be a bit hit and miss. We all remember being dragged around town with our old man — who insisted on wearing his floppy fishing hat. But, done right, a hat can be a fun gift idea.

Flat caps and Newsboys hats have long proved popular with the older gent, but thanks to the likes of Cillian Murphy (star of Peaky Blinders) and Guy Ritchie, these hats have experienced a renaissance in recent years. A green herring Newsboy hat is not only perfect for cold winter days, but it also adds character to any outfit, making it a great choice for the younger, more fashion-conscious father.

Browse Empire Outlet’s full collection of suit accessories and find the perfect gift for your dad this Father’s Day. All of our products are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee — that’s how we know your old man will feel like a king.


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