A winter wedding scene of bride and groom in a winter forest

What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

It’s not hard to see why winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular. The delicate dusting of snow, blue skies, the little icicles that glisten in the sun — nature takes care of the setting. But when it comes to taking photos and you’re stood in arctic temperatures on the brink of hypothermia, with your shoes slipping and sliding on the ice, it can feel less like a winter wonderland and more like a danger zone. With temperatures due to drop to an arctic frost this winter, getting your outfit right has never been more important.

In this post, we show you what to wear to a winter wedding to keep warm while looking cool.

Formal Layering: Invest in a 3-Piece Suit

We all know that clever layering is the key to styling for winter. But when it comes to a wedding, chunky knit jumpers and long-johns don’t quite hit the sartorial mark. Luckily, formal layering is easy to master — in fact, it’s simple as 1, 2, 3 — wear a three-piece suit. A waistcoat will not only look dapper, but it will also give you some much-needed insulation around your chest and keep you warm. We have hundreds of exquisite three-piece suits in our collection, such as our Dark Grey Herringbone Tweed, meaning choosing what to wear to a winter wedding has never been easier!

Waistcoats have recently burst back onto the fashion scene thanks to a certain Gareth Southgate, so you can guarantee that wearing a waistcoat will make you look the epitome of style.

Embrace Heavy Fabrics: Tweed Suits

When it comes to a winter wedding and the inevitable arctic temperatures that come with it, you need to bring in the heavy-duty fabrics. Linen may look great in June, but goosebumps and shivers are never a good look. Stow away your light suits this winter and bring out the big guns with a well-tailored tweed suit. Tweed is the ultimate winter fabric — hardy, stylish and literally invented as a defence against cold wet weather. Pay homage to heritage and invest in a good tweed suit. It’s fashion-forward, incredibly stylish and effortlessly versatile, meaning you can rock your tweed all season long.

Our Classic Navy Barleycorn Tweed Three-Piece is a fan favourite and works well for weddings and work alike. Made from the highest quality tweed wool, this suit packs a double punch: it’s practically and sartorially sound. We stock the largest selection of tweed suits in the whole of the UK, all expertly hand-made by our artisan tailors, finished with a modern slim-fit and delivered to your door — that’s what we call convenient fashion!

Indulge in the Rich Winter Colour Palette

Winter is a season of long, dark nights, raging fires and white snow, so you'd be forgiven for thinking that the winter colour palette is as muted and stark as the leafless trees. But winter is also the season of great wine, festivities and merriment, so don’t feel consigned to drab colours and uninspired combinations.

For a formal winter wedding, you can’t go wrong with our Charcoal Grey Herringbone Tweed Three-Piece. Less harsh than black, dark grey is a great choice for formal affairs, while the delicate Herringbone pattern ensures that you’ll stand out from the crowd. Pair it with a rich, jewel-coloured tie and pocket square, and you’re onto a winner.

For a more informal affair, the Midnight Blue Plaid Tweed Three-Piece is a real crowd pleaser. Channelling quintessential English eccentricity, the modern slim-fit and timeless design are perfect for a country wedding. If you’re feeling a little bolder, draw inspiration from the opulence of the season with our Maroon Barleycorn Tweed. Rich as a glass of ruby Port and hand-made to fit, it’s the ultimate luxury suit.

Stay Grounded: The Shoes

When it comes to winter footwear, only two things really matter — are they slip-proof and do they look sharp? Invest in some thick-soled, high-grip brogues to make sure that you don’t end the night with a soggy bottom. When it comes to colour, there’s one important rule you should never forget: your shoes should match the colour of your belt. Don’t fall foul of this cardinal rule or you risk looking jumbled and mismatched.

The First Defence: A Winter Coat

 However warm your tweed and however well you’ve selected your waistcoat, for a winter wedding, your first defence against the cold is a coat. Leave the scruffy parka and Michelin-man ski suits in the back of the wardrobe where they belong — we’re talking about classic, stylish and formal overcoats that elevate your look while keeping you snug.

An elegant overcoat is the season’s must-have, so don’t skimp on it. You need something that is warm and insulated, but looks sharp, and is tailored and sartorially on-point. Our stylish winter overcoats are available in black, grey or navy cashmere. All three display the fine craftsmanship you can expect from Empire Outlet, with our extremely high-quality cashmere blend keeping these coats soft and comfortable enough to wear all day long. These neutral colours make for a timeless investment that will complement any and every item in your wardrobe.

Whatever you wear to a winter wedding, you’ll undoubtedly have opportunities aplenty to rock it over the party season. A suit is the most versatile item in your wardrobe — wear it for Christmas do’s, winter festivities and on New Year’s Eve — so browse our full collection of winter-proof fashion and get your look nailed this season.

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