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What to Wear to a Casual Wedding Reception

It can be a real dilemma for men to know what to wear to a casual wedding reception. We have some great suggestions.

Many couples now take a more laid-back approach to their weddings. They may want the solemn formality of a religious service — or perhaps not, as a quick trip to the registry office often suffices — and once that's out of the way, they want to kick back and enjoy themselves.

Indeed, a growing number of people planning their nuptials want to ditch the traditions of the past and make their special day unique; one that people will really remember. That means making their wedding, and especially the party afterwards, fun and enjoyable for all. They'll know they've done their job when guests just won't want to leave and hang on until the small hours — and they'll be talking about it for days and years to come.

Men that are invited to casual wedding receptions may well find themselves in something of a fashion quandary. Will that old standby of a formal dinner suit, or perhaps one they bought for a wedding years ago, do? Or would it make them stand out like a sore thumb when all the other guys are in equally smart but far more casual gear? One thing's for sure: you certainly don't want to seem like a square. When you’re thinking about what to wear to a casual wedding reception, you need to choose wisely.

Honour Your Guests

If a wedding invite specifies that the reception is going to be casual, you'd better make sure — for your and everyone else's sake — that you comply. Arriving in a tuxedo would not be on and would signal to everyone, especially your hosts, that you didn't pay attention and perhaps just don't care. Besides, it's far more comfortable to wear casual than formal — think of all the more shapes you can throw out on the dance floor!

So the look you should be going for is one that's relaxed yet smart and stylish. It means more than just trousers and a shirt, however (unless you happen to be tying the knot on a tropical beach). A nice casual suit says tons about a man — that he cares about his appearance and how others see him, and it's easy to wear and need not cost a fortune.

Here are three great looks we love and that are ace for casual weddings — featuring our own creations and modelled for us:

So, the next time you’re wondering what to wear to a casual wedding reception, don’t automatically reach for your trainers and a t-shirt (however tempting that might be), but consider a classic, tailor-made suit that will turn heads. A casual dress code for a wedding party is not an invitation to go as you please, but to make an effort and dress smartly.

Plus, an added bonus of having a casual-style suit made for you is it won’t be gathering cobwebs in the back of your wardrobe until the next big event. You can wear it just about anywhere — from work to nights out and on your travels. Now you’ll be causing a stir, in effortless casual style, wherever you go. You can say “I do” to that.

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