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Why Every Man Should Accessorise

This post is for all the fellas who think that accessories are only for women. While there’s definitely more range and diversity when it comes to female accessories, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing out there for men.

You may recoil from the idea of accessories, put off by the extravagant bling of rappers or the fuddy-duddy ornamentation of the gentry, but accessories should be embraced. From hats and watches to ties to pocket squares, a little decoration can add character, colour and a dash of personality to your look. Accessorising is like the cherry on top of the cake: you don’t really need it, but it looks good.

At Empire Outlet, we’re advocates that men should experiment with their look and continually push the limits of their style. We’ve put together a list of must-have accessories for every modern man.

Choosing a Hat

What do Sherlock Holmes, Winston Churchill and Davy Crockett all have in common? We’ll give you a clue: deerstalker, Homburg and coonskin cap. Got it? That’s right, they’re all men who’ve become synonymous with their headwear. They were more than an accessory and, arguably, more than a fashion statement; their hats were part of their character and personality.

Hats are a great way to add character, personality and a dash of playfulness to an outfit. Let’s say you’re going for a pub lunch with the boys on a Saturday afternoon. The vibe is chill, so you’ve gone for an old pair of jeans, paired with a light jumper. You look good, but this is the weekend — you’ve spent all week pent up in your office, wearing the same look. This is your opportunity to get a bit creative with your styling choices. Chuck on a classic light brown flat cap and go from bland to emulating Guy Ritchie-cool in one fell swoop.

The choices are endless: a fedora in the summer adds an elegant flair and protects you from the sun, while a classic English boater screams Cambridge-style — perfect for picnics in the park.

Of course, if you can’t be bothered to style your bed-head hair, throw on a cap and you’ll still look good — literally an effortless look.

Stylish man wearing sunglasses

Eyewear: What Should You Go For?

We’ve all been there. You wake up after a night out feeling a little worse-for-wear. You open your fridge and you’re out of milk. You refuse to brush your hair or change out of your joggers, but you’re nervous about bumping into someone you know. You’ve got a reputation to uphold, after all. Grab a pair of shades and instantly go from disheveled to edgy — easy.

Sunglasses are, without a doubt, the coolest accessory in any discerning gent’s wardrobe. From Hollywood stars and sporting heroes to the bleary-eyed average Joes looking to hide the evidence of last night's debauchery, sunglasses are the go-to accessory for most. The key is to choose the right pair.

Sunglasses frame your face, so choose a pair that compliments your natural face shape and you can’t go wrong. Rounded frames look great on square faces, while bottom-heavy frames like aviators work well on heart-shaped faces.  If you’ve got an oval face, lucky you — any shape will work. It’s all about achieving a contrast between the curves of your face and the angles of the frames. It’s as simple as that.

Neckwear: Should You Go with or Without?

Very few men feel comfortable wearing a necklace. We don’t blame them. Donning a necklace is a bold move and can make you look more like a poor man’s Johnny Depp than a style icon. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave your neck bare. Ties and scarves have been decorating men’s decolletage since way back when and they’re not going anywhere.

We’ve talked about our love of ties many times before. That’s because they really are the staple of male fashion. Not only can a good tie work in the office or for formal affairs, but they’re also perfect for informal fashion too. A pair of chinos, a collared shirt and our purple paisley tie is a great look for casual weekend events. A splash of colour adds character and the bold purple, combined with the classic pattern allows you to make a fun fashion statement effortlessly. Save the wider silk ties for more formal affairs and switch up the fabrics in accordance with the season.

Scarves are a little trickier. No doubt you add a scarf out of necessity when the weather turns cold, but scarves are more versatile than you think. When it comes to scarves, it’s all about the way you knot them. The classic loop knot, when you fold the scarf in half and loop through the loose ends, is best for protecting your neck from a chill. But a swinging scarf, when you simply drape the scarf over your neck and let it hang loose, is a more stylish alternative that evokes old Hollywood sartorial elegance. For summer, a silk scarf looks great on those of us willing to really make a statement. Keep the colours bold for an added flourish.

Picking the Perfect Pocket Square

If you’re looking for the sartorial edge, a pocket square is the way to go. Nothing says dapper gent more than this nifty pocket accessory. With endless choices of colour and pattern, there’s a pocket square for every occasion. Our navy blue spotted pocket square is the perfect lowkey statement for office wear, while our red floral pocket square is a daring and playful choice for formal affairs and would look great at a wedding.  

There’s no great mystery behind the pocket square. It’s all about the way you fold it. Whether you go simple with a straight fold or a bit fancier with the two-peak, experiment. A pocket square is origami you can wear — and that’s pretty cool, right?

Watches: The Ultimate Men’s Accessory

No dapper gent ever leaves his wrist bare. A watch is a fashion staple. Practical and stylish, for many of us, it’s also an heirloom, something to pass down from generation to generation. It’s a family tradition and one we hope never stops.

The key to picking a great watch is keeping it classic. If your old man gifted you a flamboyant watch that looked great back in the day, but looks a little out of place today, you’d probably be a little disappointed. When you buy a watch, you need to consider how it’s going to stand up to the test of time, literally. Our brown leather quartz dress watch finished in a rose gold is a timeless choice. Showcasing the traditional swiss style, this sleek, stylish and sophisticated watch is both robust and elegant. That’s a legacy you’d be proud to pass down to the next generation.

Are you considering mixing up your look with some killer accessories? Whether you choose to add a scarf or a hat, or invest in a classic watch, there are plenty of ways to put your own personal spin on your style. If you don’t know where to start, check out our  full collection of accessories today.

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