Find Your Perfect Fit In Less Than 60 Seconds

We use science to find your best possible fit, first time.

We just need a few simple measurements which you can take at home, ask a few simple questions, crunch the numbers and calculate a size recommendation. It's pure wizardry.

How Our Sizing Works

We offer standard size made to order suits, we strongly recommend using the Find Your Fit app above to find which sizes you should order based on your actual body measurements. We use science to find the best possible fit on a first time purchase.

Our bespoke measurements service is tailored to your precise body measurements, leaving nothing to chance for that perfect fit. Follow our easy 12 point measure-at-home system .

Standard Sizes

We've done away with complicated size charts, they're confusing and incredibly annoying. Nobody really knows how to read them properly and only serve to overwhelm and confuse you.

Therefore, we've created bespoke technology which will tell you which size to order based on a few very simple measurements which are easy to take at home.

Simply follow the guide below, enter the numbers into our Fit Finder, answer a couple of questions and you'll know the best size to order. The whole process can literally take less than 5 minutes.

How To Take Accurate Measurements

Using the easy to follow guide below, please follow instructions below to find the perfect standard size suit to order.

Please ensure that all measurements taken are body tight and that you do not include extra room for "extra fit", it will skew the numbers and our recommendation..

All we need is 5 simple measurements and we can predict the best size for your body shape and size.

If your belly measurement is dramatically smaller than your chest (ie, muscly men) then we recommend opting for our custom measurements service for the perfect fit.

Once you have used this guide to get your measurements, simply enter them into our Fit Finder to get the perfect size to order.

Of course, we are always on hand to help via email at if you're unsure about what size to order.

1. Height
We need to know how tall you are, so we can recommend a suitable Jacket & Waistcoat size.

2. Weight
We need this to guage your body shape and size, please tell us in kg.

3. Chest
Measure the full circumference of your chest at it's widest area, below your armpits.

4. Waist
Measure the full circumference at the area where your belt>

5. Belly
Measure the full circumference of your belly at it's widest area.

6. Inseam
The inseam measures the distance along the inner seam of the trousers, between the groin and the bottom of your ankle.