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The Essential Wedding Checklist for the Groom

Here’s a comprehensive wedding checklist for grooms to tick off as they prepare for the big day.

Getting married is one of the most important — and nerve-wracking — times in a man's life, and knowing what to expect as you tie the knot on your big day is vital to making it go off without a hitch. There's so much to do and so many responsibilities and duties to carry out, that it can be extremely daunting unless you're properly prepared well ahead of the impending nuptials.

Here at Empire Outlet, we help many grooms look their best on their wedding day, by providing luxurious and tailor-made suits that make them stand out and look fantastic. So we would be negligent in our own duties if we didn't also provide some solid tips and advice — a guide — as to what to expect when a man is getting married and what you're expected to do. So, here is our indispensable wedding checklist for grooms that you can print off and tick off as you go.

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Wedding Checklist for the Groom

1. 6 Months to Go

Wedding plans start with the basics: how much it's going to cost, how many people will be attending and who's going to pay for it all. Get this all settled and out of the way now, so there are no upsets later on. These days, many couples prefer to pay for their own wedding, but it's also still the case that the bride's parents will cover the costs, so you need to talk about it at the beginning.

For the groom, deciding on who's going to be best man is a critical part of the early planning. You'll need to decide who is best fitted for the task — ideally a close friend you've known for years and who will be available on the day. So ask now and get your answer. Also, if you're going to have ushers at your wedding, now is also the time to get asking.

You'll also need to discuss the wedding location with your fiancée — whether it's going to be a religious or civil ceremony — and arrange to meet the relevant people there to talk it over.

If you having a gift registry, check it out now with your intended.

And start talking about where you'd like to go on honeymoon. Staycation, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas, or a romantic Pacific idyll?  

2. 3 Months to Go

By now, you should have sorted out your guest list and decided who you really want to invite to your big day. Order custom-made invitations and send them out. Remember: a wedding is not just a huge occasion for the bride and groom, but everyone attending. They'll need time to sort their attire and perhaps arrange travel, accommodation and childcare. They certainly won't appreciate any short notice for these tasks.

You also need to arrange your own wedding attire, as well as all the other VIP men in the wedding party: the best man, ushers and fathers.

To avoid disappointment, your honeymoon should be decided now, too — where and how to get there and where to stay. Don't leave it until the last minute, or you could be faced with not only high prices but unavailability.

And don't forget to get your wedding rings at this stage, especially if they're to be engraved, which may well take some time.

3. 4 Weeks to Go!

Now we're really getting down to it, and there's so much more to do. Rehearsals with the key people at your ceremony location, buying any gifts for the best man and ushers, making sure any documents you need are in order, and attending that all-important pre-wedding rite that is the raucous bachelor party/stag night. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up the rings!

It turns out that popping the question is the easy bit. There's a world of work that follows, and grooms that are ahead of the game will find they can enjoy their special day all the more.

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